Salvation myths which lead to eternal death in the lake of fire with Satan (2 Corinthians 11:13-15).

"Belief in Jesus" and "salvation by grace" are not the only requirements for salvation because salvation comes from confession with our own mouth, according to Romans 10:10. Confession of what?

There are two main Salvation Myths which lead to the lake of fire with Satan: the misunderstanding of 'belief in Jesus' to be saved (Acts 16:31) and the 'salvation by grace of Jesus' (Acts 15:11). Because there are also other doctrines to comply with in other to be saved and because the belief in Jesus to be saved without doing anything else was only true for the Jews of the time of Jesus because they already had everything to be saved unlike the Pagans who must learn the Jewish salvation, must to believe in it fully (100%), and must practice it in order to be be saved.


Many believers have been taught to believe in the misleading doctrine of salvation by faith or belief in Jesus as the only main mean to salvation.

True, we must believe in Jesus to be saved, both Jews and Pagans or Greeks. But what did it mean for both Jews who already had Moses and the Gentiles who did not know Moses at the time of the Apostles to be saved?

We are not taught that before Jesus, the Jewish nation relied on the rites of the Day of Atonement to start with a new clean mean of justification for salvation every year.

We are not taught that the required 'belief in Jesus for salvation' at the time of Jesus was to veer the attention from the Day of Atonement with the blood of the animals to the new mean of salvation brought about by the sacrifice of death of Jesus in shedding His own blood as the YAHWEH Redeemer and Savior, who is the only acceptable price for the death which is mandated by the original sin.

Essentially, the teaching for means of salvation from the time of the death and resurrection of Jesus became to be 'the belief of Jesus' or the 'belief in Jesus'  and not belief in the works of the Law on the Day of atonement.

The Jews already knew that they must be holy. The pagans did not know that but the Pagans must comply with the rules for holiness (Ezekiel 33:13).